Military & Medical Facilities


Weatherhaven RCS first delivered accommodation to house 1200 soldiers and an UN Level 2 Medical Field Hospital for the South African National Defence Force. Since 2002, we have delivered various camps and integrated products to South African and African military forces.

Weatherhaven RCS was awarded the maintenance and refurbishment contract to upgrade and refurbish the facilities of the UN Level 2 hospital. We also provided operation and maintenance training.

We’ve delivered military camps and UN Level 1 medical field clinics into Africa, one of which is still deployed in the Congo. We’ve also supplied a 150 person rapid deployable integrated turnkey camp, consisting of various products and systems to the South African Navy. Weatherhaven RCS provided operator and level 3 maintenance training as well as the supply and delivery of products and systems. These manuals are dedicated to installing, operating, demobilizing, packaging, storage and maintenance of the camps.

According to the ARSMCOR Systems hierarchy, Weatherhaven RCS is now a Level 5 Systems Integrator for the military and medical industry.