Soft-Walled Shelters

Warrior Shelter

This soft-walled shelter is a barrel shaped framed structure which has proved to be an incredibly popular option among our clients. It has a waterproof PVC barrel cover and it provides insulation against extreme temperatures. This cost-effective option is made of a durable light weight fabric and transports easily.

It can be deployed in various configurations including accommodation, dining, recreational and communication facilities, as well as kitchens, ablution units, gymnasiums and offices.

It is available in 4.8 m width by 4.8 m length or 4.8 width by 9.6 m length structures. We can also customise the length to client requirements.

Optional extras include:

Raised hard floors
Hard doors
Extractor fans
Electrical kits
Shade-net flysheets
Connector kits for joining shelters
Room dividers, and
Furniture or required equipment.