Energy Efficient Solutions

Energy Efficient Solutions

Weatherhaven RCS strives towards providing energy efficient solutions by using LED and solar applications where possible. Now you can deploy to remote locations comfortable in the knowledge that you won’t be returning to the dark ages. These solar power systems are comprised of a solar panel, battery, controller and LED lights or other auxiliary outlets, cables and connectors. All components are selected and matched to meet the client's requirements, and the systems are designed to ensure quick and easy installation and dismantlement.

Solar panels features and maintenance:

The solar panels are available in rigid or flexible glass free panels, which are rolled and packed in a bag for storage or transportation. These solar systems require practically no maintenance and will last in excess of 15 years.

Lighting features:

From spotlights to flexible strip lighting there are a number of options available from Weatherhaven RCS. Flexible strip lighting is suitable for redeployable applications as they are light weight, virtually unbreakable and can be stored and transported on compact reels.

Controller features:

Our controllers range from a basic ‘connect and forget’ unit to advanced models. The beauty of the advanced models is they allow for complete monitoring of the entire system. All controllers are simple to connect to the solar panel, battery and load, e.g. lighting.