Soft-Walled Expandable Container

MECC™ (Mobile Expandable Container Configuration)

The MECC™ is a rugged shelter which combines the format of the universal International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) container with fabric structure technology. It is ideal for applications where furnishing or equipment is installed in the central core, creating a fully assembled and self-contained unit. When it comes to handling, stacking and transportation, the MECC™ shelter complies with the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) requirements. It is resilient to handling damage and stores securely.

Typical configurations include kitchens, ablutions, laundries, medical facilities, workshops and command centres, all of which can be custom designed to client specifications.


Rapid deployment
Expands to almost three times its shipping footprint
Preconfigured plug-and-play format, and
Can be interconnected.