Hard-Walled Expandable Containers

HERCon™ (Hard Walled Expandable Redeployable Container)

HERCon™ (Hard-Walled Expandable Redeployable Container) The HERCon™ is a hard-walled expandable redeployable container that is transported to any site as a standard shipping container. The frame is purpose built and is CSC rate. It quickly and easily deploys to a high-quality prefabricated building of up to three times the area of the original container footprint. The construction of the HERCon™ does not compromise the internal volume of the container.

It can be configured as an open plan conference facility, dormitory style accommodation, storage, dining room, single, double or four person living unit with one or two bedrooms, en-suite ablution (toilet, basin and shower), kitchenette, dining room and lounge area, single accommodation unit (either two large rooms or four smaller rooms) with or without a central passageway, office unit with reception, two to four offices with either en-suite ablution or storage room, a kitchen servicing 250 to 500 people or a 50 person ablution unit.

The HERCon™ unit is offered as a standard 8 ft width (standard shipping container) or a 4 ft unit when closed.

8 ft unit:
It is also available in three container heights:
•  9.5 ft high cube which optimises floor space yield
•  8.5 ft standard cube, and
•  8 ft low cube, which allows for C130 air transportability.

4 ft unit:
This unit yields slightly less internal floor space when deployed, and it has a smaller internal volume in the container core when transported, however, it allows two of these units to be linked together for transportation on a standard shipping container footprint. The 4 ft wide HERCon™ is suitable for an open plan application, but its smaller internal volume does limit the installation of permanent infrastructure and storage of equipment in transit.

All internal services such as electrical wiring and plumbing are pre-installed as part of the manufacturing process allowing the unit to be operational within one or two hours after delivery.

Optional extras include:

Air conditioning
Luxury wall coatings, and
Furniture to suit client requirements.

This product is available for rent.