9 - 15 November 2023
Egypt International Exhibition Centre
Al Manara International Conference Centre
Hall 5 - D501

ITAF 2023: Your Gateway to African Business Excellence

Mark your calendar for a transformative experience at ITAF 2023, taking place from November 9 to 15 at the prestigious Egypt International Exhibition Centre and Al Manara International Conference Centre. This exceptional event promises to be a game-changer for businesses seeking to expand their horizons in the African market.

Why Attend ITAF 2023?

Unlock Lucrative Business Connections: ITAF 2023 offers a unique opportunity for meaningful networking with major African trade actors, including B2B, B2C, and B2G entities, as well as influential political stakeholders. These connections are ready to make deals that could reshape your business prospects. This year’s event will feature a variety of networking opportunities, including speed face-to-face networking sessions, a dedicated Buyers Programme, and an online business match-making program. In a world where connections are everything, ITAF 2023 is your passport to success in African markets.

Elevate Your Business’s Quality: Attending ITAF 2023 is more than just a networking opportunity; it’s a statement of quality and credibility. Every participant will receive an official certificate of participation, which serves as a symbol of excellence and a mark of trustworthiness. With this certificate, your business can proudly display its commitment to superior standards, earning the trust and recognition of clients and partners throughout the year.

A Concrete Opportunity for Trade: ITAF is the only pan-African B2B cross-sector trade fair. It’s an unrivaled opportunity for African buyers and sellers to meet and explore business opportunities, attracting investors and trade organizations from around the world. ITAF 2023 is where deals are made, and business dreams become reality.

Free Year-Round Business Platform: Gain access to IATF Virtual, a year-round platform that allows you to track every lead, interaction, and inquiry. It makes follow-ups easier and more convenient, ensuring that your connections from ITAF 2023 continue to yield results long after the event concludes.

Showcasing the Best of African Business: ITAF 2023 promises to showcase the best that Africa has to offer through a rich and varied events program. Join us to hear from leading African and international speakers and participate in a range of events focusing on African trade and investment. Look out for dedicated sessions and training workshops covering exporting, standards, and marketing.


Furthermore, Creative Africa Nexus will be on full display, highlighting the brightest artists in arts and crafts, film, music, and fashion. ITAF2023 is not just a trade fair, it’s a haven for the curious and innovative.


Don’t Miss Out!

ITAF 2023 is your opportunity to connect, grow, and thrive in the African business landscape. Join us this November for a week of unparalleled networking, learning, and business development. Secure your spot at this prestigious event today and be ready to make the connections that could transform your business.


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