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Concept and System Development

We design and configure camp systems to meet your requirements. No matter your need, we will provide a solution.  Whether it is a simple clinic or a 2000 person camp or hospital, trust RCSSA to deliver.


Set Up and Commissioning

Our experienced installation teams set up and commission systems that save time and reduce the risk associated with construction. With RCSSA, your teams can focus on the job at hand.

Electrical Workshop

Power Generation and Distribution

Established in 2012, the RCSSA Electrical Workshop has been manufacturing redeployable electrical kits. It has advanced from simple manufacturing to offer complete electrical reticulation services.

We are proud to be among a small handful of service providers who cater for eventing companies and broadcasting stations who need electrical reticulation during outside broadcasts. Our products are Plug-and-Play systems, which do not require an electrician to be on site.

The workshop’s current capabilities encompass both manufacturing and design. With a major focus on constant Research and Development, we keep up with an industry that is extremely progressive and continually evolving technologically.

We offer complete power generation and distribution solutions, no matter how remote the location, designed to your requirements, from 20 KVA to multiple auto-synchronized gensets of 250 KVA and more.

RCSSA is accredited with the Electrical Contractor Association (ECA). This ensures that we stay ahead of new developments in the electrical field and offer products that comply with international standards.


Treatment and Waste Management

RCSSA has experience in the management of sewage. We have designed sewage treatment plants, to the required capacity, which produces effluent that complies with World Health Organisation standards and can safely be returned to the environment.

Water Purification

Storage and Reticulation

Our water purification systems (whether trailer-mounted on a skid or containerised) include sedimentation, filtration, chlorination, sterilisation and reverse osmosis processes to produce potable water which meets South African and world standards. Bladders and mesh dams are used for water storage and flexibility is assured by the use of quick couplings in the plug-and-play reticulation design.


On-Site Training Support

On-site training during deployment is recommended and indeed specified by clients in many of our contracts. This ensures that personnel setting up and operating the systems are able to do so efficiently and are competent to carry out routine maintenance. We also provide our clients with custom training packages and user manuals to assist with prolonging the lifespan of the structures and systems.


On-Site Maintenance and Maintenance Training

Our turnkey camp solutions are built to last and deploy rapidly. To ensure that your systems and camps remain in top shape RCSSA provides a maintenance service, on request. As most of our customers operate and maintain their own systems and camps, we do provide training on how best to maintain your camp.