Our Medical Facilities

Over the past decade, Redeployable Camp Systems SA (RCSSA) has had extensive experience in the design, development, manufacturing, and implementation phases required to supply Military Field Hospital Medical Systems for all potential customers.

From mobile clinics to re-deployable field hospitals, RCSSA provides medical shelter solutions that meet the requirements and standards set by organizations like the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

A field Hospital offers support and medical attention to injuries and health problems in warzones, military conflicts, natural disasters, displacement of people and emergencies.


Redeployable Camp Systems SA (RCSSA) engineers, manufactures, and installs fully equipped mobile re-deployable field hospitals, designed to address specific levels of medical care and operational requirements. Whether the requirement is a 10 or 200 bed hospital, with specialized medical equipment, Redeployable Camp System’s complete mobile medical facilities are engineered to function within remote locations for commercial, military, and emergency response applications.


Redeployable first aid shelters is an essential, and mandatory, feature of any code-compliant workforce camp. Redeployable triage centres or clinics may also be required for immediate medical care, minor surgeries, or to stabilize patients before evacuation to larger medical facilities.


A comprehensive medical setup is crucial when responding to natural disasters, civil unrest, or warfare. Using a combination of expandable containers and fabric shelters, Redeployable Camp System’s UN Level I and Level II, mobile/redeployable medical facilities enables full medical care within militaries and government agencies around the world.

During military missions and civilian emergency responses, a full surgical setup is crucial!

  • Our shelters link to each other, or to a central corridor, to form a completely contained facility.
  • From the central corridor (which can also be used for patient overflow and storage of equipment).
  • RCSSA military field hospitals are configured to meet specific operational requirements and levels of care.

Our projects are completely adapted to the requirements and needs of our customers. This allows us to give a fast and effective solution to health care wherever it is needed.

We manufacture in South Africa and we are present in more than 50 countries. The solutions we offer are an excellent choice for an emergency situation as well as for longer periods of time or even deployments for ephemeral professional activities.

In situations that need an agile and functional response, our engineering department will adapt the design to the requirements and the specific needs in every case.

Our field hospitals are easy to transport and deploy, always key in hand. We adapt the project to the geographical conditions and the facilities available in each destination.

“A field hospital must be ready to be operational as soon as it is deployed. That is why we offer the best equipment and latest technology ready to be used!”


Reception and Triage
Basic Vital Support
Sanitary prevention measures
Treatment of minor injuries
Reanimation, surgery, stabilization
Basic laboratory and radiology modules
Attention to stress in combat
Emergency dental treatment
Specialist diagnostic resources
Surgical and medical capabilities
Preventative medicine
Food inspection
Odontology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, and other specialties
Complementary services

kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc…

Certified Furniture & Equipment

Needed to provide safe and risk-free health care

RCSSA can supply PVC Fabric Structure, Expandable Containers and customized ISO Containers that can cater for the following:

Dining Facilities
Command & Control (C4ISR)
Workshops & Hangers


Water Treatment
Water Storage
Sewage Treatment
Waste Management
Power Generation & Reticulation
Electrical Distribution
Satellite Communications
ITC Networks
HVAC with HEPA filters that meet medical applications
Fire Fighting
Ballistic Protection
Lighting Strike Protection