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Redeployable Camp Systems

Demobilisation a demoralising task?

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For our Installation Team, it’s all in a day’s work.

One of our most valuable resources, the one we brag about extensively, is the remarkable group of people who compose our various team at #WeatherhavenRCS and #CanvasAndTent. The men in our Installation Team, many of whom are trained and experienced artisans in their respective crafts, have installed military and luxury camps across the globe. They make giving excellent service to our clients possible, and you can see from this why we are so proud of them.

Salute, gentlemen!


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Weatherhaven RCS is honoured to announce that the company will be exhibiting at the International Defence Expo #IDEX2019. IDEX is the only international defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence. It is a unique platform to establish and strengthen relationships with government departments, businesses and armed forces throughout the region.


For more than a decade, Weatherhaven RCS has supplied world class temporary accommodation solutions to the Military industry, while also establishing a stronghold in servicing the mining, construction, aviation and tourism markets. Our highly skilled teams have installed military camps and supplied related products in an array of territories across the globe, including the UK, Ghana, Tanzania, Botswana, Somalia, Antarctica, the DRC and the UAE.


The product offering favoured by armed forces across the globe includes canvas products, PVC structures and containerised shelters. Through strategic partnerships, industry accreditation and a strong dedication to innovation, Weatherhaven RCS produces products of superior technological advancement. This is evidenced in the products’ ability to withstand harsh climates, ranging from extreme heat to subzero temperatures, as well as harsh winds.


This year, we have partnered with the DTI and will exhibit as part of the South African Pavillion of trusted suppliers and exporters in the industry. We will also showcase our PVC product at the Streit Group stand, which will feature a full military camp simulated experience.

Home from Home

By Media

With South Africa’s military deployed into various African countries on peace support operations, a new-generation rapidly transportable camping solution was needed. Pretoria-based Redeployable Camp Systems (RCSSA) (Hangar 7, Stand N03) has lately been awarded several contracts to fulfil this requirement.

“The Canvas Products system that RCSSA is currently delivering consists of general and vehicle tents of varying sizes, furniture and packaging equipment,” said Karen Coetzer, group marketing manager. “We designed steel crates to ship the entire system, including the tents, solid doors, support structure, interlocking rubber floor tiles and a raised floor.

In addition, we provide a hand-operated hydraulic stacker – a smaller version of large warehouse stackers – able to lift 2 tonnes.” The consignment is delivered in a standard (6m) ISO low-cube shipping container, making it suitable for transport in a C-130 aircraft.

Two further contracts cover a mess facility and a container solution for a host of applications, including air-conditioning systems, a canteen and barbershop, paymaster’s office, stores, security lock-ups and even a bar and gym.

The 32m by 10m mess hall, with vestibules on the long sides, is constructed of a modular steel or aluminium frame, covered by durable, flame-retardant PVC fabric.

The mess contract includes delivery of a high-throughput dishwasher and an auto-start heavy-duty silent generator. “This is essentially five-star living for the military on operations,” Coetzer added.

The company is globally renowned for its innovative redeployable and air-transportable camp systems, having provided clients with turnkey soft-walled camps and HERCon hard-walled containers that can be expanded to offer triple the usual floorspace.

All in a box

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Earlier this year Armscor awarded a R38 million contract valued to Pretoria-based Redeployable Camp Systems South Africa (RCSSA) for “simple and expandable” containers for the SA National Defence Force (SANDF).

The contract, part of the SANDF’s transportable camp systems requirement, runs over 33 months.

RCSSA group programme manager Richard Shaw explained the term “simple containers” is somewhat of a misnomer, as the containers are not that simple. They range from a bar, air-conditioning, canteen and a barbershop to a paymaster’s office, stores, security lockers and even a gym.

Sit down for a meal

By Media

Pretoria-based Redeployable Camp Systems South Africa (RCSSA) was awarded a R64-million contract for a turnkey redeployable mess facility for the SA National Defence Force (SANDF). The contract runs over a 25-month period.

Deliverables includes a mess hall, 32m by 10m in size, with vestibules on the long sides. The mess is constructed of a modular steel or aluminium frame, covered by durable, flame-retardant PVC fabric, similar to the company’s other large modular systems. Innovative guttering and a raised floor allow for the structure to be erected in high rainfall areas with muddy or uneven ground.