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SANDF Border Post

By Projects

Market: Military

Solution: HERCon (Hard-Walled Structures)

Weatherhaven RCS supplied and installed hard-walled solutions for the SANDF Border Post camp in Sand River. The deployment consisted of accommodation and ablution units as well as a water treatment plant of the base. Weatherhaven RCS is currently performing the camp maintenance.

Sheltering South Africa’s Medical Health Services

By Projects

Market: Military hospitals

Solution: Upgrade and refurbish of UN Level 2 Medical Field

Weatherhaven RCS was contracted to upgrade and refurbish a UN Level 2 Medical Field Hospital which Weatherhaven International had supplied to the South African Medical Health Services. This hospital originally operated in Africa during peacekeeping operations. It consisted of Mobile Expandable Container Configuration (MECC™) shelters together with soft-walled PVC shelters, which would be used for:

  • Kitchens
  • Ablutions
  • Dining
  • Laundry
  • X-Ray, ICU, OR, CSR
  • Pharmacy, and
  • A resuscitation area.

Transporting our HERCon™ units to Antartica

By Projects

Market: Military and Navy

Solution: Hard-Walled Structures

The Brazilian Navy ordered a HERCon™ temporary camp from Weatherhaven International. This camp was installed in Antarctica and consisted of:

  • 12-person accommodation
  • Ablution units
  • Laundry
  • Office and communication room
  • Medical facility
  • Corridors connecting all areas
  • General storage areas
  • A structure for dry clothes
  • Workshop
  • Chemical laboratory, and
  • Containerised cold storage.

The camp was also required to have external electrical reticulation including power generation, a containerised water purification plant and storage, as well as a sewerage treatment plant with an incinerator. These units passed through eight ports before arriving in Antarctica.

Request, supply and installation

By Projects

Market: Mining industry

Solution: Integrated fully turnkey pioneering camp accommodation

A mining company operating in Niger ordered a fully integrated redeployable turnkey construction camp capable of housing all employees working on-site. The camp was shipped to site where the Weatherhaven RCS team assisted with installation. It was required to provide:

  • Sleeping accommodation
  • A kitchen
  • Diner structures
  • Offices
  • External electrical reticulation
  • Containerised water purification plant with reverse osmosis and storage, and
  • A biological sewage treatment plant with parameter fencing.

Designed for 200, upgraded to serve 600

By Projects

Market: Construction industry

Solution: Integrated fully turnkey construction camp accommodating 200 person

This camp was conceived of and provided to a construction company operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was designed around the surrounding landscape and would later be installed by Weatherhaven RCS. Although initially designed as a 200 person camp it was later upgraded to house 600 person. The camp consisted of:

  • Senior accommodation fitted with plug-and-play electrical kits
  • En-suit ablution units
  • Bar fridges, and
  • Fully furnished.

We also supplied dormitory style accommodation with:

  • Communal ablutions
  • Recreation units
  • Diners
  • Kitchen with dry storage
  • Containerised laundry facility with separate ironing shelter
  • Offices
  • Sickbay
  • Complete external electrical reticulation
  • Containerised water purification plant with reverse osmosis and storage
  • Biological sewerage treatment plant
  • Storage containers, and
  • Reefers (cold storage).

We delivered a PVC soft-walled shelter camp

By Projects

Market: Mining industry

Solution: Integrated fully turnkey redeployable pioneering

We supplied two 50 person pioneering camps for a mining company operating in the Republic of Guinea. French manuals were provided to those residing in the camps, and we perform regular maintenance on the camps. Weatherhaven RCS provided a PVC soft-walled shelter camp on hard raised floors. It included the following:

  • Fully furnished
  • Single senior accommodation with en-suit ablution
  • Eight-man dormitory style accommodation with communal ablutions
  • Separate female accommodation with ablution
  • Gladiator kitchen or mess linked to scullery
  • Recreation
  • Offices
  • Laundry
  • Sickbay
  • Internal and external water, sewage and electrical reticulation
  • Containerised water purification plant with reverse osmosis
  • Containerised biological sewerage treatment plant
  • Synchronised silent generators
  • Storage containers, and
  • Reefers (cold storage)

Supplying prefabricated buildings to the DRC

By Projects

Market: Medical service provide

Solution: Prefabricated Clinic

Weatherhaven RCS delivered and installed three prefabricated structures to Luila, Kapata and Musunoi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These units were manufactured in South Africa and transported via aircraft to the site. Installation of these structures took place on site. These units were erected on concrete slabs, which were supplied by the client.

Big Span tactical aircraft hangers

By Projects

Market: Aviation and Military

Solution: Redeployable helicopter hangar system

The complete system included:

  • A PVC covered hangar with a complete electrical installation
  • Containerised air-conditioner and generator for the hangar
  • Operation control centre, and
  • Workshop and store in MECC™.

These were all sent as four ISO shipping containers. A corridor would connect the hangar to the relevant units to ensure maximum operational ability. Finally, we provided on-site training to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of all systems.

Fly camps for the purpose of frequent relocation

By Projects

Market: Mining

Solution: Redeployable integrated full turnkey solution accommodating 150 men

These specially designed 10 x 10 person fly camps are capable of frequent manual relocation, every two weeks, by helicopter or light pick-up trucks. Six men alone can lift the individual components of the camp. The purpose of this camp is to allow the survey teams working on the centre-line of the proposed railway line to keep track with the progress of the work taking place.

The camp composition consisted of three fully equipped soft-walled shelters for the use of:

  • Dormitory style air conditioned units
  • Kitchen or air-conditioned diner
  • Ablution with showers, toilets and wash basins

The infrastructure support systems included:

  • All internal and external water, sewage and electrical reticulation
  • A water purification plant with reverse osmosis
  • Biological sewerage treatment plant
  • Synchronised silent generators
  • Lightning protection, and
  • Redeployable packaging.

Suppliers of C130 transportable HERCon™ units

By Projects

Market: Aviation

Solution: Operational control centres

Weatherhaven RCS was awarded a tender which required that we provide the South African Air Force (SAAF) with a system that can be quickly deployed, is easy to install and is just as quickly redeployed. Our solution was hard-walled containers or HERCons™ to be used as operational control offices.

These units were built to be C130 transportable, and were shipped as a standard 6 m ISO shipping container. Once on-site, this container expanded to three times the transit floor space. We ensure that all services are pre-installed, with external power, water and wastewater connected. These operational control centres are the heart of all air force operations locally and internationally.